Agufish Gets His ESP USA Eclipse

It was about two years ago that YouTuber Agufish (aka Hunter) contacted us to create an ESP USA Eclipse built to his specifications. And yes, handcrafting a guitar of this level of quality takes time, so pro tip: order yours today, because it will be awhile before it's in your hands. Regardless of that, Hunter finally received his new guitar and his reaction speaks for itself. ESP USA guitars are built in Southern California by our team of expert luthiers, and you can use the USA Configurator to select options for woods, finish and hardware, and then visualize your guitar before we start building it. Check out more on Hunter's great videos on his YouTube channel!

Jeff M.

New baby new house new Les Paul custom w: the Murphy relic now you bust out with a ESP USA custom shop gold splatter in purple.,,,.what’s next ……congrats bro you worked hard for it and no one can ever take that from you!


These splatters are cool. The gold ones look ridiculous. 


Killer !

Cody F.

Congrats man . Score of a life time

Mesa Sean

Saw it and looks great. Good guy too. But please ESP USA... WHY no double binding/no tummy cut option??? Plus you removed half of the coolest colors from 2020/2021. Make the option for a no tummy cut, full thickness Eclipse with double binding and I am buying one.