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Jeff K.

Jeff K. uploaded the video Eduard Plezer: "Red Cold River" (playthrough cover)

Jeff K.

Jeff K. posted the article ENGL Amp Spotlight: E670FE Special Edition Founders Edition - The Ultimate High Gain Amplifier

ENGL has been a highly-respected amplifier manufacturer since being founded in 1983. In marking their 40-year anniversary milestone in 2023, ENGL is launching a new flagship amp: the ENGL E670FE Special Edition Founders......MORE »
Jeff K.

Jeff K. uploaded the video Tim Barnard: Soloing on the LTD Deluxe M-1007

Jeff K.

Jeff K. uploaded the video Sylosis: "Descent"

Jeff K.

Jeff K. uploaded the video Alex Pederiva: "Hitchin' a Ride" (playthrough cover)

Jeff K.

Jeff K. updated the article Introducing Player Grade (US Residents Only)

It probably doesn’t surprise you to know that at ESP, almost all of us are guitar and bass players, and as actual musicians, we know what really matters to other players: great-sounding, great-playing instruments… and good......MORE »
Monique Dunn

Any Plans for new stuff for 2020 

Jeff K.

Yes, many plans.  

Tom B.

Plans for 2021?



Paul B.

Thanks for the add

Mike Repel of Riotous Indignation

Thanks for the add Jeff.

Steven Cooper

Rock on bro.

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