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Jeff K.

Jeff K. posted the article Hellfest 2024: The Stories and Pictures

Held from June 27-30 in Clisson, France, Hellfest 2024 just wrapped up, and ESP was once again the official guitar sponsor. It’s impossible to truly describe the massive size and level of intensity that Hellfest offers in......MORE »
Jeff K.

Jeff K. posted the article ENGL Amp Spotlight: E112VB Cabinet

Here's a history lesson for you. Many years ago, guitar players realized that when they were performing in giant venues like sports arenas and stadiums, they needed a high wattage amp and a huge speaker cabinet to achieve......MORE »
Jeff K.

Jeff K. uploaded the video Darren Stroud: Patriotic Jam on the LTD TE-200

Jeff K.

Jeff K. uploaded the video George Lynch on the LTD GL Desert Eagle

Jeff K.

Jeff K. posted the article ESP Teams with Star-FM and Judas Priest for a Parkinson's Charity Raffle

When legendary ESP Signature artist Glenn Tipton of Judas Priest calls for aid, the metal community answers. We've teamed up with Glenn, his bandmates in Judas Priest, and Germany's Star-FM for an excellent charitable......MORE »
Monique Dunn

Any Plans for new stuff for 2020 

Jeff K.

Yes, many plans.  

Tom B.

Plans for 2021?



Paul B.

Thanks for the add

Mike Repel of Riotous Indignation

Thanks for the add Jeff.

Steven Cooper

Rock on bro.

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