Available Now: Bill Kelliher Sparrowhawk and BK-600 in Vintage Silver Sunburst

Announced this spring, two new additions to the LTD Bill Kelliher Signature Series are now available! The Mastodon guitarist's LTD Sparrowhawk has been updated with more than just an amazing new Vintage Silver Sunburst finish, but also a set of Bill’s signature Mojotone Hellbender humbucker pickups. The same is true for the updated LTD BK-600Designed for the duality of brutality and beauty, these nickel-covered pickups offer everything from raw and menacing tones to complex, articulate, and open cleans. Both the bridge and neck pickups may be split with push-pull controls on the volume and tone knobs. Get yours today!


Love the look of these but at 2200 Euro for a BK-600 i think i'd rather spend another 200 and get an E-II. I know the world is on fire, but common. An EC-1000T CTM is "only" 1600 Euro ( remember when u bought an ESP standard series for that kind of money? ). These seem way overpriced.