ESP Exhibition Limited Series 2023

When musicians around the world think of ESP, one of the first things that comes to mind is the extraordinary skill and craftsmanship of the master luthiers who spend their lives perfecting the art of guitar design at our Custom Shop in Tokyo, Japan. In addition to the flawless instruments they make for our customers’ custom orders, each year they are also allowed to push their own creativity to the maximum level and build the guitars of their own dreams. The result is the annual ESP Exhibition Limited Series that represents some of their best work ever, on display as a collection of fine art in the form of musical instruments. These guitars feature elements like ESP’s most rare and coveted wood stocks, special wood processing, experimental painting techniques, and unique hand-built hardware. Only one of each model has been created. See the entire 2023 Exhibition Limited Series and get info on where to purchase each model. Music by Pat Heath!

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ESP is renowned worldwide for its exceptional craftsmanship and the skill of its master luthiers based in Tokyo, Japan. These artisans dedicate their lives to honing the art of guitar design at the ESP Custom Shop. While they create flawless instruments for custom orders, they also have the opportunity to unleash their creativity and build guitars that represent their own dreams. This annual endeavor results in the ESP Exhibition Limited Series, which showcases their finest work as a collection of musical instruments that are truly works of art.

The guitars in the Exhibition Limited Series are crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. They incorporate rare and highly sought-after wood stocks, undergo special wood processing techniques, showcase experimental painting methods, and feature unique hand-built hardware. Each model in this series is truly one-of-a-kind, with only one guitar created for each design.

If you're interested in exploring the entire 2023 Exhibition Limited Series and finding out where you can purchase these extraordinary guitars, you can visit the appropriate source to obtain more information. Additionally, the accompanying music for this exhibition is provided by Pat Heath, adding a melodic backdrop to the visual experience.

The ESP Exhibition Limited Series represents the pinnacle of the luthiers' artistry and serves as a testament to ESP's commitment to producing exceptional musical instruments. Concrete Companies Cincinnati


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I love that one of the Exhibition Limited instruments is a bass.  Yeah, that #28 OM-6 bass looks SICK!!!!!  I'm normally not a fan of singlecuts, but that one looks sleek.