Tim Barnard: "Puppets to the Regime" solo

ESP ALL ACCESS COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! Community member Tim Barnard first grabbed our attention a couple of years ago when he was a runner-up winner of our "Lockdown Rockdown" contest, where he did an outstanding solo over an Alex Sklonick backing track, and Alex himself helped choose his entry as one of the best. Here he is with his LTD Deluxe M-1007HT, an awesome seven-string guitar with neck-thru-body construction, a Hipshot hardtail bridge, and Fishman Fluence Modern Humbuckers. Tim is doing the solo from his band Absurd Condition's song "Puppets to the Regime" here; our only critique is that the solo is so good, we'd enjoy it more if it was cranked up in the mix! Tim is a graduate from Berklee and teaches guitar, and is also available for session work... get more info at his website

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Darren Stroud


Rob Bedard

Very cool. Rock on Tim