Get Ready for 2024 with ESP’s New Guitar and Bass Preview

Get Ready for 2024 with ESP’s New Guitar and Bass Preview

Here we are in December, and 2024 is right around the corner. After years of pandemic-forced schedule changes, the NAMM Show is once again back in its January time slot for the first time since 2020. You’re probably assuming that you’re going to have to wait until the start of NAMM, on January 25, 2024, to find out what ESP has in store for new guitar and bass announcements.

Nope! Not if you’re a member of the ESP All Access community. We’re already rolling ahead with a plan that allows you ESP All Access members to get this information in advance of everyone else.

Step 1: Time to Tease
We’ve already begun showing some previews of our “New for 2024” instruments via our social media channels. A couple of times each week, we’re posting photos of new models on Instagram, Facebook, and other social nets. if you want to have some fun guessing what these new instruments are all about, feel free to follow us.

Step 2: Official ESP All Access Preview
On January 12, 2024, about two weeks before NAMM kicks off, members of the ESP All Access community will get an email that includes full photos of all the new LTD guitar and bass models we’re announcing for the start of 2024. This is an exclusive reward for the people who have made the global ESP community so great.

If you’re an All Access community member, make sure that your preferences are set so that you receive marketing notices… otherwise, you don’t receive our monthly newsletters and other emails with information about our guitars and basses. To make sure you get the preview, just visit this link for your account prefs and make sure that all three boxes are ticked.

If you’re not yet a member of ESP All Access, you can fix that right now. Why sign up for a free membership? Tens of thousands of people from around the world are already members of the ESP All Access community, and membership allows them to participate on the ESP web site, get the first look at our new product introductions, access special contests and sweepstakes that are open only to ESP All Access members, and potentially get their music featured with weekly spotlights of All Access community members.

Sign up for ESP All Access right now.

Step 3: ESP Presents 2024
As we’ve done the past few years, we’re putting together a video-based presentation called “ESP Presents”. Scheduled to debut on Friday January 19, 2024, it includes demos and information on our new guitars and basses. You’ll be able to view “ESP Presents 2024” at multiple times that day… expect to get some more info on that as we approach the date of its debut!

On that same day, we’re going to go ahead and update the ESP site so that all of the specs and detailed info on our “New for 2024” models will be there for you to browse. And then the following Thursday, on January 25, we’ll be there at the NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA so visitors to the ESP booth can see, touch, and smell these brand new guitars and basses for themselves (no tasting guitars allowed).

So there you have it. You now have all the info to be ready for what’s new from ESP in 2024 before anyone else. Again, this is just one of the many benefits of being actively involved with ESP All Access, and it’s the least we can do to thank you for making the community a vibrant global village of musicians who appreciate the very best in guitars and basses.

Liam  H.

"Get ready to rock 2024 with ESP's New Guitar and Bass Preview, endorsed by the best pickleball players for its unbeatable performance and precision. Just like mastering a killer backhand shot, these instruments are designed to elevate your game to new heights. Whether you're shredding on stage or dominating the pickleball court, ESP has you covered. Let the music play and the games begin!"
Seokhoon Y.

By the way, I want to have a ESP new year calendar

Frederick B.

I saw the ESP Presents preview, and it's all LTD, and some Signatures.  Will there be any 2024 ESP E-II releases?

Jake B.

I guess with new ESP basses going extinct even in Japan, we shouldn't expect any new E-II models for bass huh?


I keep my fingers crossed for a E-II M-II with reversed headstock and an evertune bridge preferably in black, I would insta buy that to accompany my 3 other Esp’s

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