Flashback: Bruce Kulick's Kiss M-1 "Banana"

Flashback: Bruce Kulick's Kiss M-1 "Banana"

A new interview article in Guitar World Magazine offers some fascinating historical details and perspectives from guitarist and longtime ESP player Bruce Kulick. Bruce talks about discovering ESP, a relatively new company in the world of guitar design and manufacturing in 1985, right around the time he became a member of Kiss. In this interview, Bruce focuses on one very special guitar that he had made for him when ESP was based on 48th Street in New York City; a Floyd Rose-equipped M-1 with a finish color that was reminiscent of a certain fruit...

"It was special from the first power chord I hit. I can't explain it, and I've never felt another like it. The rosewood fingerboard is gorgeous and feels great in my hand. So good, in fact, I rarely had it on stage. It was a recording guitar."

Bruce also reveals that the same original Chiquita sticker that a member of the road crew jokingly placed on this instrument is still there, though it's "looking a little tired," admits the guitar slinger. Read the entire article on the Guitar World site.

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 They need to release this for a run for us kiss fans