WInner's Circle: Lamb of God JC-4 Bass Sweepstakes

WInner's Circle: Lamb of God JC-4 Bass Sweepstakes

ESP sends our hearty hails and congratulations to Adrian "The Mallet" Ramirez of El Paso, TX. We're not sure why Adrian is called "The Mallet", but we do know he was chosen randomly out of thousands and thousands of entries from around the world as the winner of our recent "Lamb of God Omens/John Campbell JC-4 Sweepstakes". Adrian's prize package is crazy good, and includes this outstanding LTD JC-4 Signature Series bass that John actually used to record tracks off Lamb of God's latest album Omens. But wait! John also signed the bass. But wait some more! Adrian also got a vinyl copy of the new album, along with a swag pack of ESP merch like a hat, a t-shirt, and a wristband.

The JC-4 is the signature bass for John Campbell of American metal legends Lamb of God. Based on the ESP Stream body shape, the JC-4 has bolt-on construction at 34” scale, using a swamp ash body and five-piece maple/purple heart neck with a fast-playing thin-u neck contour. The Macassar ebony fingerboard includes 21 extra-jumbo frets, split block inlays, and glow-in-the-dark side markers. Its components include Hipshot Ultralight tuners, a Hipshot A Style bridge with slotted saddles, and a set of Fishman SB-1 active pickups.

Again, congrats to Adrian, but the rest of you will have many more chances to win from ESP, starting in January with a killer new giveaway!

John L.

The winner was so lucky!

Adrian "The Mallet" Ramirez

Life has a way of seeming like no matter how hard I work or remain on my path & purpose, I never really win anything when it comes to raffles, drawings, sweepstakes etc etc.  I was in complete shock to find out I had won a John Campbell JC-4. I'm a big supporter of 'Lamb of God' and just saw them this past October for the 13th time. As usual, when 'Lamb of God' shows up to perform, they always 'throw-down' to put on phenomenal shows.   THE JC-4 FIRST IMPRESSIONS: I've been playing for a good while now and when it comes to bass guitars (4 or 5 string) I always opt for neck-thru instruments to make sure there is always plenty of sustain. When I first saw the JC-4 in person I didn't know what to think. That soon changed. It's very ergonomic and fits comfortably while playing. Although it's a bolt-on Bass, the sustain is absolutely pristine and consistent. The day it arrived, I waited till later after I got off work to give the JC-4 a spin. Let's put it this way, the JC-4 sounds audibly more modern that it appears visually, which looks like something invented from the distant future. LOL. It's got active FISHMAN PICKUPS that give the JC-4 a crisp wide-open tone. Right out of the box it wasn't difficult to dial in all sorts of tones. I plugged the JC-4 in my AMPEG B-2 and using the onboard equalizer quickly dialed in a Rex Brown-style tone, then I added an MXR EQ pedal to the rig and was able to dial in more of a Duff McKagan sound. The LTD John Campbell JC-4 Signature can do just about everything. I've never really used FISHMAN pickups on a bass guitar before but wow what a sonic surprise. Those pickups give the bass an earthy sound overall. Those pickups really allow you to dial in whatever tone you can dream up. Like I mentioned, I was using my trusty AMPEG B-2 but I plan on searching for a Mesa Boogie 400+ to experiment with Joh Campbell's Bass Tone. I've always been an ESP loyalist so naturally I'm gonna give the JC-4 a great review but in all fairness, the JC-4 design and craftsmanship is amazing. For someone whom has used very large, heavy mohagany basses my whole life, the JC-4 is a breath of fresh air. Because it's not so heavy, I found myself being able to jam out a little easier (reaching the frets quicker). In my next comment I'll talk about John Campbell's actual autograph/signature (peculialry) written in pencil. A BIG SHOUT OUT TO EVERYONE AT ESP WHO MADE THIS WIN POSSIBLE. I AM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL.    

Roberto D.

hI, se ve muy aerodinamico y sobrio, realmente gustaria probarlo para buscar su sonoridad y poder explorar sus posibilidades. Un gran instrumento. Muchas gracias por producirlo.

hI, it looks very aerodynamic and sober, it really makes an impact... I would like to try it to find out its sonority and to be able to explore its possibilities. A great instrument. Thank you very much for producing it.
Alejandro C.

Damn, I wish I had one of those