ESP at the 2022 NAMM Show (June 3-5, 2022)

ESP at the 2022 NAMM Show (June 3-5, 2022)

It's once again time for the musical instrument and pro audio industry's show to end all shows... the NAMM Show! In a typical year, this is something we'd be posting in mid-January, but these recent times have been everything but normal; due to continuing pandemic concerns, the show was moved from the start of the year to June, and we're already making our way down towards lovely Anaheim, CA to get set up for the show.

If you're coming to NAMM in person, definitely make it a point to head upstairs to Demo Room 208A/B, where ESP and our friends at Takamine (whom ESP distributes in the USA) will be in our usual spot with literally hundreds of great guitars there to check out in person. If you're not heading to the show, like 99% of all musicians in the world, we'll do our best to bring the show to you with live spotlight videos we're shooting right there in our booth. A few highlights to keep in mind...

16 New Basses
We're using NAMM to launch a total of 16 new basses that are joining our offerings for 2022. All the new basses, with complete info and specs, will be available here on the ESP site on the morning of Friday June 3 when the show starts. The new models include Signature Series basses as well as LTD and LTD Deluxe basses in the M Series, Phoenix Series, B Series, F Series, AP Series, and more.

Exhibition Limited Series 2022
The ESP booth at NAMM will also feature the entire 2022 collection of Exhibition Limited Series guitars. These one-off guitars from the minds of the master luthiers at the ESP Custom Shop in Japan showcase some of their best work ever. Many people tell us that seeing these guitars in person is one of the highlights of the entire NAMM Show. Important note: if you want one, get it quickly; there's only one of each design, and once they're gone, they're gone forever.

Over 40 "New for 2022" Guitars
At the start of the year, we announced over 40 brand new guitars, as you may have seen in Phase 1 of our ESP Presents 2022 video event. These new models will be there at NAMM, and we'll be doing video spotlights that get posted here on the ESP web site during the show (or as soon as possible after the show... there's only so much we can do at once).

Some Surprises, Maybe?
It just might be possible that people visiting the ESP booth at NAMM 2022 will see a preview of some upcoming new guitars. Which guitars? If we told you, it wouldn't be a surprise. But don't be shocked when people are talking about some new guitars that no one has ever seen before until they spot them at our NAMM Show booth.

Once again, keep your eye on the ESP web site during the NAMM Show on June 3-5. We'll do our best to fill you in and give you an idea of the whole happenings at NAMM Booth 208A/B!

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