ENGL Amp Spotlight: Screamer II E330

ENGL Amp Spotlight: Screamer II E330

There are so many reasons why combo amps are a great choice for many musicians that we couldn't list them all here if we tried. What it boils down to is convenience. Your amp rig can be carried out to your car and into the club in one trip, using one handle. But the ENGL Screamer II E330 is much more than just a convenient solution for gigging and recording. It's a 50W tube amp with way more power than you probably need, all wrapped in a sturdy cabinet with a 12" Celestion speaker. This updated version of the Screamer offers fresh features that every guitarist will love and appreciate, including a noise gate, a mid boost (plus flex switch) and two footswitchable master volumes. As far as tone is concerned, the Screamer II combo takes on any sound challenge, whether stage or studio, shining with shimmering clean sounds, harmonic crunchy breakup and a hefty thump in the lead channel. It’s easy to handle, but a true heavyweight in terms of sound!

• 4 Channels: Clean, Crunch, Soft Lead, Heavy Lead
• All Tube Head
• ENGL Mid Boost Plusflex switch Matrix
• Tube buffered FX Loop with Balance control
• Noise Gate
• Master A/B
• S.A.C.: Serial Amp Control

Sound Options:
• Bright
• Mid Boost Plusflex
• Gain Boost

• Gain (for Clean and Lead Channels)
• 3-Band EQ
• Lead Volume
• Master A
• Master B
• Mid Boost Plusflex switch (Backpanel)
• Noise Gate Threshold
• FX Loop Balance control

• Poweramp Output (1 x 4 Ω, 1 x 8 Ω, 1 x 16 Ω, 2 x 8 Ω ||, 2 x 16 Ω ||)
• Line Out (O dB)

• Z4 (Channels, Master A/B, Reverb, FX Loop, Noise Gate)
• Z9 (Channels, Master A/B, Reverb, FX Loop, Noise Gate)

• 12" Celestion Vintage 30

Preamp Tubes:
• 4 x Engl ECC83 / 12AX7

Output Tubes:
• 2 x Engl 6L6GC

Output Wattage:
• 50 W

22.5" x 19" x 10.5" (
57.5 x 48 x 27 cm)

50.7 lbs (23 kg)

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