Daniel Carr: Volume Swells on the LTD MH-401FR

ESP ALL ACCESS COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! We've featured the tasty playing of community member Daniel Carr several times, but this time we have an actual reason beyond his soulful guitar skills. Guitar is one of the most expressive instruments. By having your fingers directly on the strings (unlike, say, a piano), and by having tools and techniques at your fingertips that range from vibrato to use of tremolo bridges and much more, the guitar becomes capable of expressing every emotion from joy to sadness, aggression to peace, and everything in between. Daniel is using the volume control on his LTD MH-401FR to create swells, where the sonic attack is practically zero and the volume increases before naturally fading. Combined with a delay effect, you can create some beautiful sounds for many styles of music. Side note: if you're not comfortable using the guitar's volume control, you can also use a volume pedal for similar techniques. You can check out more of Daniel, who has an extraordinary collection of ESP models, on his YouTube channel.

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