ESP Player Pics

Send Us Your ESP Pics!

We’ll feature your coolest photos on the front page of

We see them nearly every day: great photos that ESP players have taken along with their guitars and basses. Some are in apartments, some are on stages, some are in studios, and some are in places we can’t even figure out but seem interesting regardless.

So now, we’d like to show the rest of the world what we see all the time: you, with your ESP, ESP E-II, or LTD. When you submit your pic, we’ll add it to the ESP Gallery, and select a new one every few days to be featured on the front page of our site where thousands and thousands of fellow ESP fans can take a look.


A few ideas for pics:

  • Your collection of ESP, E-II, or LTD guitars or basses
  • Shots of you playing your guitar or bass, especially in cool or interesting settings
  • Great/artistic photos of your guitar or bass
  • Your ESP/LTD tattoo… we’ve seen many great ones
  • Anything else that relates to our instruments in ways that people will want to see

Obvious yet necessary notes: we don’t need to see your photos that feature other brands of guitar or bass, and we really don’t want to get any submissions that are obscene or pornographic. Other than that, the sky’s the limit. All members of the ESP online community are welcome to submit their photos… join today (it’s free) if you’re not already a member.