Bruce Kulick and ESP Help Raise Funds for "KISS Cancer Goodbye II" Charity Event

Bruce Kulick and ESP Help Raise Funds for "KISS Cancer Goodbye II" Charity Event

Photos courtesy of Rayna Leigh

Held this month in Sarasota, Florida, the second "KISS Cancer Goodbye" event was produced in partnership with the American Cancer Society as a rock-and-roll fundraiser in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Along with local musicians, the main event of the weekend was the appearance of two former KISS members, Ace Frehley and longtime ESP artist Bruce Kulick. A total of $50,000 was raised at the tremendously successful two-day extravaganza.

In addition to a ton of other live music, comedy, and other activities, Bruce did a performance of KISS's Alive III album in its entirety at the event, which also included charitable raffles and other fundraising activities. Along with ESP, Bruce offered a signed LTD Mirage Deluxe '87, appropriately finished in Pearl Pink for the breast cancer-focused fundraiser. According to Bruce, the Mirage Deluxe was a hot item at the event.

"The guitar got into a bidding war, and the promoter and I kept adding some things to sweeten the pot... a signed Revenge LP, a signed event poster, my laminate from the show, and even the mid-century glass I was drinking my ice coffee from! Final auction win was $5000!!!," said Kulick.

You can make charitable donations to the American Cancer Society throughout the year right here.

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Snaptube Bruce Kulick, known for his association with the rock band KISS, has been involved in various charitable activities over the year.

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