WInner's Circle: "Renew Your Rig" Sweepstakes

WInner's Circle: "Renew Your Rig" Sweepstakes

The "Renew Your Rig" sweepstakes ended up being the most popular giveaway in ESP history, and it's easy to see why. The prize package was astounding... an ESP E-II Eclipse Full Thickness EverTune, an ENGL Ironball Combo E600, and a pack of sweet ESP swag.

But out of tens of thousands of entries from every corner of the globe, there could be only one randomly-chosen winner, and it's Chun-Wei Chang of Taiwan. Chun-Wei is going to be super stoked when his prizes arrive, and we hope to get some pics and impressions of his amazing new rig when he receives it and starts rocking.

For the rest of you -- and there are many -- do not despair. We have more giveaways planned that will be coming soon, and you'll have more chances to take home the gear you've always wanted!

Sean S.

Wow, play it enjoy


Congrats and enjoy.

Jordan N.

Right on brother! Hope it goes to a good home and you enjoy it. 

Claude G.



edwin b.

Congrat's you're the lucky one..!

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