Buyer Beware!!!

It has come to our attention that as a result of the increased demand for our product, there are an increasing number of counterfeit ESP/LTD guitars available for sale through non authorized online stores. After 35 years of making high quality instruments, it is also our intention, and responsibility to let our friends know when something like this comes to light. Please make sure you are buying from a trusted source.

Finally, we would like to say that while some counterfeit models may look like real ESP guitars, they do not sound or play like real ESPs. With these counterfeits, substandard materials are being used. The end result is that you would be very disappointed in the sound and feel of the guitar. All authorized ESP dealers and distributors are listed on the ESP Guitars web site. So before you buy please make sure you are getting your guitar from a trusted source.

Thank you for choosing ESP Guitars.

Matt Masciandaro

President and CEO

The following businesses have falsely represented themselves as sellers of legitimate ESP products. THEY ARE NOT. If you’re looking for a legitimate ESP, E-II, or LTD guitar or bass, please see the list of authorized Dealers and Distributors here.

  • - Acemate Music
  • - AliExpress
  • - Antonio Guitars
  • -
  • -
  • - dockexpo
  • - Entegron
  • -
  • - Happy Smile Japan
  • - lauren_and_victoria
  • - Music Station
  • - Seashrimp85
  • - SHOP NET
  • - South Coast Music
  • - victoryuitarshop
  • - Wonderlands
  • - Xcess Limited

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Muz S.

Sonia, I’m pretty sure the people on this site are more interested in quality guitars than your hookers. How’s the fret wear on their genitals? Pretty worn, I’d reckon.

Evan S.

Why is some guy named Matt the CEO of a Japanese company

Tom M.

Anyone know if ESP made a Eclipse semi hollow body in the 90's with a bolt on neck with a sticker on the back head stock that say ESP custom .

I was looking to purchase one , but I wanted to make sure they were real.

Thanks Tom

Christopher R.

Bad people out there


There's currently a Chinese counterfeit KH-2 Ouija for sale on eBay for $3k. Stay away if you value your money. Seller's name is tjspawnshop


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