Jon Symons Pickup Comparison with the LTD Phoenix

Jon Symons, the terrific guitarist and audio engineer who runs Sonic Drive Studio and its popular YouTube channel, did an incredible job on his latest effort, which is a comparison of various well-known pickup models using his multiple LTD Phoenix Black Metal and LTD Phoenix Arctic Metal guitars. If you ever wanted to hear the differences in tone and response of pickups including the Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB, Seymour Duncan Nazgul, Seymour Duncan SH-6 Distortion, EMG 81, EMG 81TW, and Fishman Fluence Modern (with examples of both Voice 1 & 2), here's your chance! In addition to his great video demos and reviews, Jon offers services including re-amping, mastering, instrumentation such as guitar tracking or drum programming, mixing lessons/tutorials and more. Contact him to find out more!

Keith M.

The Deluxe LTD 1000 series guitars are quality, smooth, and stylish. Its build quality is commendable but not as praiseworthy as its sound quality, hardware, and playability. Instead, everything fits together wonderfully. Overall, the LTD-EC 1000 Deluxe guitar is stunning. This information is what I know so far, and we discussed it with workmates at Laredo Drywall Contractors