Nick Ruffilo (Bad Omens): "Never Know" Playthrough with the LTD GB-4

ESP artist Nick Ruffilo, bass player for Richmond, VA-based metalcore band Bad Omens, does a playthrough of their song "Never Know" using an LTD GB-4 bass in Vintage White finish. The GB-4 is completely unique among the LTD series of basses with its powerful and versatile electronics that combine a set of passive Seymour Duncan SSB-4 pickups with Duncan’s STC-3M3 active EQ. You’ll not only be able to sculpt your tone with stacked treble/bass controls and a dedicated midrange control; you also get a push-pull feature on the volume knob that engages the GB-4’s slap switch, a special adjustable EQ contour voiced specifically for slap bass. Keep up with Nick and Bad Omens at their official web site.