BAILER - Long Gone (Guitar Playthrough)

Guitar Playthrough by Chris Harte.
Esp Ltd TE401-fm
D'Addario Strings (12-54) - Drop C Tuning
Dunlop Picks
Emg 81 in the bridge
Abominable Electronics Hellmouth
ISP Decimater || G-String
Boss RV-3 Reverb/Delay
Peavey 5150
Zilla Super Fatboy with a V30 & H-creamback
Sennhesier e609 micing the Celestian H-creamback

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Frederick B.

Anytime!  I just purchased the EP on Bandcamp, and following you guys so I'm notified when the new album drops! \m/


Legend dude!! \m/ \m/

Frederick B.

Awesome Playthrough video!  \m/  Never heard of Bailer before now.  You did them justice!


Yo thanks dude!! Glad you're digging it, we have an album on the way this year too \m/