E-II Eclipse FM with Chris Cannella

ESP's own Chris Cannella (N17, Autumn's End) takes you through the ESP E-II Eclipse FM, a high-performance guitar with a traditional look. Like the rest of our E-II Series, the E-II Eclipse FM is made in Japan at the ESP factory. For more info on the E-II Eclipse guitars: http://www.espguitars.com/products?categories=eclipse-series-guitars-3

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Nothing wrong with E II being on headstock. Amazing guitars at a great price point. My E II Eclipse and M II are easily on par if not better build quality than the "standard American" Gibson and Fenders I own.

Daichi  E.

Saben cuánto cuesta?



Love love this butter smooth axe! Definitely want one.

Steve A.

That "E-II" logo is just god awful.  Looks like something you'd find on the rack in 1988 with Aria Pro and Cort guitars.  Beautiful axes, but they are like a hot chick with a cleft palate, all because of the logo.  They'll put the ESP logo on the back of the headstock, but not on the front.  Ask yourself why.


agree still I would love one such fun butter action to play for hours

Adam Y.

No doubt Steve A. People can talk all they want about Gibson but Gibson will put their logo on under 1k guitars, Fender the same. Dean and Jackson have their logo on guitars all the way down to under 300. Nobody wants "E-II" on the headstock if you're going to be spending over 1500. They should have stuck with the ESP Standard series

Caleb D.

E-II Models are great although I prefer LTD Models.

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