Brad M.

Absolutely love this guitar. Had mine for over a year, and it’s still in beauty shape. Intonation, neck are all perfect. 

I have a question, what kind of nut would I use to replace this? I hear about Fender style and Gibson and LP style…. What style of nut am I looking for?

Darrell D.

Too bad the gloss black with pearl inlays only comes with Active pickups. I think all ec1000s should be purchased with either duncans or EMGs. Would have a lot more buyers. Thats the only reason I havent purchased the gloss black, would have to change pickups $$$$$

George G.
  • Superb guitar.
  • The fit and finish is just perfect.
  • The Ebony fingerboard with the fat frets are a dream to play.
  • The EMG's growl like a stack of Marshalls.
  • The neck is superb handles and feels like a Stratocaster.
  • The Mahogany body is ergonomically sculptured for your body; in 70 years Gibson failed to figure that one out. Maybe that is why they went broke.
  • I have owned many Gibson Les Paul's over the years and I have slowly but surely sold them all because of guitars like this.
  • I am already thinking about buying another one.


I was trained as a physicist and Albert Einstein proved a very important theorem for guitar players the world over:

If the number of guitars you own is X, then what is the optimal number of guitars? Simple he said: + 1!


I have had this guitar for ten years plus!! Absolutely love it. The only I changed about it were pickups. Which on any guitar in any model by any manufacturer, are the thing that can be changed the most. 


I made this YT video talking all about it with sound clips 


Awesome video ! Just ordered my ec1000 in vintage black today ! Can’t wait 

Rob M.

just got this recently.  first esp/ltd i've ever owned.  will not be the last.  it is hard to believe this is a $1k guitar.  plays like a guitar 2-3x the price.  out of the box it was perfectly intonated, even when I changed to 10-52's.  no tuning issues at all.  frets were smooth.  lines are flawless.  weight and balance are perfect.  overall wow!!!  just wow!!!  i'm totally blown away.  I love the look too, kind of a cross between old school with a modern bite.  it's what drew me to this guitar.  just not into all the abalone binding.  plus the emg's are pure sonic mayhem.  some people criticize emg's, but I love them.  looks like the kids are going to be eating mac n cheese for a while.  dad needs another EC!!!