More About the "Play Mr. Scary" Contest

More About the "Play Mr. Scary" Contest

We just announced the ESP "Play Mr. Scary" contest less than 24 hours ago, and already people are getting excited, and naturally have questions. We can answer a few of them right now, and will be glad to answer more as they come up.

1. Do I have to play "Mr. Scary" note-for-note like George Lynch to win?
No, absolutely not. In fact, George will be looking at many factors including originality. You should play whatever you want over the backing tracks, though we would say that referencing some of the melodic themes of "Mr. Scary" might be a good idea.

2. What if I can't play like that?
Then play like you. We want to hear you do your best stuff, whatever it is.

3. Can't I just record my part in Pro Tools (or whatever) and edit it together?
No! We want to hear you playing live, along with the backing tracks that George has provided.

4. What if the audio on my camera is terrible?
We're not judging this based on audio quality. We'll be looking/listening only to the quality of your performance.

5. What if I don't want to be seen on video?
Well, it is a video-based contest. You can get creative with camera angles and lighting and such if being seen is a problem. But we do need to see your hands on your guitar, at least.

6. Can I enter the contest (or have any chance of winning) if I'm not playing an ESP or LTD?
Absolutely. This is a contest of skill on your instrument, and it's fine to submit an entry no matter what kind of guitar you play.

7. How will my performance be judged?
Judging musical skill is a purely subjective act. What one person likes, another person hates, and so on. These videos will be judged by the man himself, George Lynch. You skill, your style, and your overall vibe will be taken into account. It's not a contest of "who can play the fastest" or "who can do a lick that no one else can do". The general guideline we can give you is to try and play something that George would dig.

8. What if I dress up like a wombat and play standing on my head?
First and foremost, this contest is about performance skill on guitar. If you want to do something on the video that might help you get noticed and stand out from the crowd, that's fine... but if you're an upside-down wombat you can't play well, you won't win regardless.

Hopefully this clears up some of your questions about the contest. Now download the backing tracks, start practicing, and get us your video by September 30 for a chance to win!

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