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My self & from watching others

Rob Marshall

A family friend gave me an acoustic, the rest was up to me.

Beres G.


Travis L.

myself and metallica



Döme N.

Guitar Hero 3 and one of my old friend ^^

Adam Kasnyóczki

MTV rock shows when actual music were played.


Friends, Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero with friends hahaha XD

Patrick Cruz


Eric Hamel

Kiss got me started

Terry C.

i just thought that electric guitars are amazing

Jesse P.

Me. didnt even listen to that much music when i started surprisingly


Patrick Ombrog

richie sambora got me playing guitar, it was my first time to hear dive bombs on floyd rose. 

Steven Cooper

Ace Frehley is THE reason I play guitar for the last 35 years.  I was playing drums for 5 years prior to that.


Guitar Hero, i'm ashamed.

Kyle B

combination between bands and myself. just liking music, metal to be exact and wanting to be in a band and eventually play infront of thousands of people would be amazing

Hunter W.


Murilo H.

Iron Maiden and Metallica Basicaly

Anthony Sr.

James Hetfield and Slash


Por mi cuenta, ando aprendiendo solo. Pero he sido llevado a eso por Slayer.