Seymour duncan esp eclipse i tcm

hector L.

hi my esp eclipse comes with a '59 seymour duncan.

I need a hard rock pickup.

which one do you recommend?

sh5, sh6, sh 15? which one do you use


Are we talking 80s, 90s hard rock, which era and what are you looking forz tight low end, something more of a hotrodded paf? Ill give ya 3- options that can do 80s,90s and potentially more modern.

1) Duncan Custom, think of it as a hot roddee PAF, classic 80s ton. Scooped, good low end but some find it harsh with the ceramic mag, putting an A5 in it will tame that some. Greats 80s amd early 90s type thing. 


2) JB, probably one of if not the most popular hard rock pickups from SD. Fuller than the Custom, looser low end but cleans up and splits nicely, pairs great with a 59n or Jazzn. This is my 2nd fave pickup


3) My fave pickup, the Duncan Distortion, can do great 80s hair band and hard rock, think Priest, early Metallica prior to them going to EMGs. The DD will also does well in more modern aspects as well. Tight bottom end, some, as with the Custom, will say because of the ceramic mag, can be a bit harsh in the high end. That really doesnt bother me. This one too splits great, ton of things you can pair it with in the neck, 59n, Jazz, Pearly Gates neck. To me this sits in between the Custom and the JB. 


Honorable mentions, the Distortion neck, it started out as a bridge pickup but has found a home on the neck position. Next Black Winter, kinda of a modern Distortion. And dont let the name fool ya, this is a very versatile pickup. 


Also dont rule out the 59 just yet, some great hard rock has been made with pafs before. 

hector L.




hector L.
hi the sd sh6 pickup, i used the sd jb-6 in a charvel .... loved it. I have several guitars and I have decided that this guitar is because of its appearance I want it to make hard rock ..... hard music. I have an SD '59 on the bridge ..... it lacks a little ... thanks for your reply. another thing..... I found it strange that my esp eclipse has silver and not gold hardware ..... what do you think?  

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I prefer nickel finish over gold, JB is a great choice, the one in my MH-1000 Deluxe sounds great. Good call and good luck on the new pickup

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