EMG ES-918 External Power Supply

EMG ES-918 External Power Supply

Does anybody have any experience with the EMG ES-918 external power supply? 

I'm debating at looking at a solution like this rather than having to put batteries in my guitars.




I think Road King uses one. I'm not sure of the problem it's solving, though.


Well I think just laziness on my part.


 You can buy a lot of 9V batteries for $130.


Agreed. Literally me just being lazy.

I will have 17 (12 at the moment ) guitars with active pickups.  I've removed all the old batteries out of them and only have replaced in one guitar.

Just need to go buy a bunch of batteries and install them. 

Quite liked the idea of just dealing with one box rather than replacing batteries.

Big Daddy B

So I am unfamiliar with this piece of gear and exactly how it works. I once owned a Line 6 Acoustic that had an external power supply and I hated it. I felt "tethered." It was like one extra cable coming out of the guitar and I felt like I couldn't move to far without dragging it. I hated it,

On the other hand if you can use this with a normal cable like a stomp box, then might be worthwhile. You eliminate the risk of a battery leaking in the guitar. Affix it to your pedal board and you might not even notice...then the only probable drawback would be if you wanted to gig and go wireless. Or i guess if you tried to use it somewhere else (store, friend's amp, somewhere you don't habe the power supply).

Josh in NY



Not sure if your still lookin at or into one of these, but I wanted to give you MY input regarding this external power supply:




i have been using one for a good 5 years or so now, and they are well worth every penny!! I have 4 out of my 19 guitars armed with actives (EMG & Fishman...), and on a few of them there is NO room for a battery. A few others have pickguards and would be either really tight trying to fit a battery or would require setting up the guitar entirely again after pulling it apart to change it. And because of this, this pedal is a total game changer because of the ability to take the batter out of the guitar and move it to the floor!


This pedal is a game changer on a 2nd level because it allows you to run at either 9V OR 18V by the flip of a switch! So when there's already no room for a battery in the guitar because of all the wiring and components, this is HUGE! Your saving that much more room by not having a 2nd battery clip in the control cavity. A single battery clip with the shorted clip (a 2nd battery clip with the red & black wires soldered together and heat shrink tubing covering the connection) is all you need, since the 2 batteries on now on the floor...


The ONLY thing you need to run this power supply pedal is a stereo (TRS) cable to connect the input of this pedal to the guitar input jack. This is how power is supplied from the pedal to the guitar. I have this as the very first thing in line on my pedalboard, and the output of the ES-918 goes right into the input of the next pedal in the signal chain. See attached pic of my pedalboard for an idea...

Trevor W.

I just ordered one myself. I have 5 guitars with emgs and I love the 18v mod. The other bonuses to this that you will always have a top functioning pickup when using dc power supply, emgs lose some of there edge with even a slightly drained battery. The other benefit is you don’t have a battery that can leak battery acid inside your guitar. Some of my guitars sit for an extended period of time and I often worry about the battery leaking. This solves so many issues with the added benefit of a built in signal kill switch.

vln rando

Again, dead thread but,


Does anyone know if this is cross-compatible with Fishman’s active pickup line? They don’t have EMG’s on-the-page wiring diagrams haha, and I’m not knowledgeable about the electronics design

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