Post Your Explorers!

Post Your Explorers!

Lets see these badass explorers you guys have! Mx's and EXP's 

Heres my EXP-200. currently putting a new Bone Nut on it.

Mesa Sean

Current line up except  a mInt JH-2 on it's way. Still have my old babies from 2007 I ordered and I think I'll never sell them  

2 MXII-CTM's ordered in 2007. Mahogany Bodies, 3 Piece Maple Necks, Rosewood fretboards, Sperzel locking tuners, Bell shaped Truss rod covers and Schallers.

The other is an old Cream MX 250 or MXII with the bell shaped trussrod and sperzels I put on. It's beat up paint job wise but ESP USA is going to paint it a really cool color hopefully next year.


Cooper B.

ESP 348

Awesome guitars Cooper!

Lluis  A.

my three beauties


Oh wow, a legit Man To Wolf?

Karsten T.

Hi everybody!

This is my explorer which I bought from a guy about 20 years ago.

I always wondered if someone knows what model it is - any help is appreciated!

(You've got to do something meaningful in these times )

Greetings from Germany!

Von Rio N.

Here is my MX2


Here is my MX-2

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