Coming February 26: ENGL Amps Presents 2021

Coming February 26: ENGL Amps Presents 2021

Just like we recently did with our "ESP Presents 2021" video streaming events, we have some special plans coming soon for ENGL Amps, whose boutique-quality all-tube amplifiers ESP distributes in the USA and Canada. On Friday February 26, we'll be hosting a special presentation on ENGL's line of excellent amplification and signal processing products featuring UK-based guitarists and educators Pat Heath and Jamie Hunt. This video event will feature the debut announcement of some new ENGL products, along with great demos and discussions/training on getting the most from your ENGL amp. 

This video event will be streamed here on the front page of the ESP site, and we’ll have more details to share soon, but keep an eye open for more news about “ENGL Amps Presents 2021”!

Lisa S.

I think this presentation has passed, and is there a way to watch it?

David  B.

 I  love it. 


puka n.

Love it, it's definitely important to know how to do this properly and efficiently, clients LOVE these. run 3

Hekate's flame

Any word on when Engl amps and cabs will be available again? By the end of 2021?

Marc  F.

is it 100 or 50 watts artist edition green?


Bill V.

These beautiful hi quality amplifiers are the best on the market today ,they sound beautiful The workmanship is second to none. What a great team ESP and Engl .!!!